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Put the Oatifix face mask on that I got from Lush today and it’s burning.. is this supposed to happen?

Right I need some help!

If you shop at Lush do you know what the best face mask is for people with eczema? I have 5 empty pots that I’m going to return tomorrow for a free face mask and I don’t want to get one that irritates my skin!

So about my eczema, I bought the Dream Wash & the Dream Cream from Lush, both quite expensive but I had seen many people on here recommending them so I thought I’d give them a go.

The Dream Wash is nice, it doesn’t lather up much but that doesn’t bother me, it cleans and that’s the purpose of it, and it’s the first thing I’ve applied to my skin whilst showering that doesn’t sting, so I’m happy with it.

I started using the Dream Cream about a week ago and I have already noticed positive changes on my legs, I used to have scabs and raw patches and those have cleared.. there’s still eczema there but it’s not half as bad as it was.

I also bought some Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil) from Amazon.. the smell is definitely not nice, and it doesn’t seem to be doing much good either. I’ve just put some on my arms after a shower and it is extremely itchy.

If anyone knows any other good remedies etc for eczema please let me know in my ask box, I’m open to using anything that will help my skin!

finally went to Lush today

and bought the Dreamwash shower smoothie that I saw was recommended on my tracked tags for eczema.

Hopefully this works, I’ll have to probably give it at least a week to notice the difference (if there is any).

Quite expensive for such a small pot but I was told in the shop that they last a month or two, which I guess is quite a while.

My question is though, do I use this every time I shower or just now and then?