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I’ve been back in England for a full 24 hours and boy does my skin show it. My eczema is slowly creeping back, ugh!

My eczema has gone from almost nonexistent to a massive flare up all over the top of my body. I’m going on holiday in 3 days, hopefully the sun will help!!!!

Okay so I bought a face mask and I thought it was a really good idea (and I got it cheap) but now I’m scared to use it as my eczema is mega flaring up and I’m worried it’ll bring me out in a rash.

Has anyone with eczema used Champney’s products? I bought the “Spa Facial Replenishing Moisture Mask” so I figured it would help but now I’m scared. Help!

To anyone with eczema:

Since the weather has gotten colder I have obviously been having warmer showers, but when I get out of the shower and moisturise after my skin kind of seeps/sweats? This has never happened to me before. I understand this could be a stupid question but could someone shed some light on this?

Can someone please explain to me how two weeks ago my skin was clear and all of a sudden within little over a week pretty much my entire top half of my body is covered in eczema.

I am so done with this weather and hayfever and ainfesgtnsif


Can anyone recommend me a good shampoo for an eczema ridden scalp? It has disappeared from my body and placed itself on my scalp instead and I am dying with this itchy flaky crap. Help!

Okay I need opinions/help. I want to get a tattoo of a sunflower, for my Grandad. Now because I have eczema I’m limited as to where I can have it done on my body (there are parts where the skin is too sore and cracked) so I need someone to help me decide where would be the best:

  • on my left foot
  • around the back of the shoulder
  • on the inside of my arm
  • on the side of my abdomen (like the ribcage but the side of my body idk)

and those are about the only places that are clear. The tattoo would be life like size or a bit smaller as sunflowers can be quite big sometimes. My arms and legs are pretty much covered in eczema which is annoying when deciding the placement. Help!

is it good for eczema?!

It is! This is my second time using it but I’ve found it clears all dead skin and leaves my face and neck really hydrated and soft, and those are the most eczema prone areas for me. You should try it, it’s so easy! All you do is mix up three table spoons of flour (or oats, I crush up oats for mine because they’re better for dry skin), a tea spoon of turmeric, 3 tablespoons of milk and a couple of drops of honey. Put a thin layer on the face and neck area, leave it to dry for 20 minutes and rinse off :) It’ll be the itchiest 20 minutes of your life but worth it!

I have on the turmeric face mask I’ve been making recently and holy fuck it is itchy. Just a few more minutes and then I’ll be able to escape this suffering.

Got the face mask on right now and OH MY GOD it itches so much.. I haven’t scratched once yet.. lets hope I can keep it up.

7 minutes left!

This is what I have to deal with until Wednesday when they take it off.. FUCK IT’S SO ITCHY

the stuff that looks like dirt is actually fluff from the shirt I was wearing that I had to change out of because it was making my itching worse, no I am not a scrubby person

Fuck it, if it’s nice when I wake up tomorrow I’m going out in a tshirt and shorts (most probably with tights) and no jacket, yes I have eczema but I need to stop caring what other people might think when they see it, although it’s pretty common in England.

Taking my makeup off and putting cream on is the gift I give my face every day and I regularly moisturise during the day too.. so why does my skin get worse and worse omfg

My face always kills like a bastard when I put cream on it.

Where is my letter from the dermatologist ffs

So I went to the doctors and he referred me to the dermatologist, and he’s also told me to get blood tests done which I will go and get done on Monday. I’m really freaking out though as I’ve never had one before and I keep on thinking about how painful it’s going to be. Adam says it barely hurts at all but still I’m scared :(