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Will someone PLEASE help me find a good quality video of Beyonce at the VMA’s? I need to see it properlyyyyyyyyy. No US links pls I can’t use them (already tried and is damn well blocking my location)

Ladies! Or men, this applies to anyone:

Can anyone recommend a good cream/treatment for stretch marks (preferably something I can buy in the UK)? After my shower I’ve noticed so many more coming up on my legs and it literally looks like Freddy Krueger’s been up in here!

I really need some new jeans. Asos looks shit/too expensive and so do all my other usual websites. Someone please recommend me somewhere on the cheaper side that sell good high waisted (or not but preferably) jeans?

Can anyone help me? I’m shit at finding things on eBay, and I’ve found some shoes that I like. but they’re not in my size or colour. I’ve tried looking for similar but I’m obviously not searching the right things as I can’t find any!

The shoes are these:

I need some similar or the same in black, in a size 8. Yes my feet are big. Please help :(

Does anyone know where to buy some nice, affordable flatform pumps? I’ve scoured eBay and all I can find are shoes that resemble an old lady’s shoe collection. I just want some fairly wedged black flatforms (no peep toe ones, for the love of god no peep toe), with an ankle strap if possible. 

I’ll never understand why finding items of clothing/shoes is so hard for me.

Does anyone on here do logos? I need one for my photography. Send me a message if you do! Please :)

I really want some skater skirts. I don’t feel as awkward in them as I do in dresses. I bought a really nice burgundy skater dress a few months ago and literally never wear it because I always think I’m going to be too overdressed? I don’t know.

Someone suggest me places where I can get cheap skater skirts though?

If you know of good themes please message me my theme is really pissing me off because it’s not displaying things properly :/

Where is a good place/website to get good, not stupidly priced handbags? I’ve had mine for ages and it’s battered, but I just can’t find one nice enough ANYWHERE. I just want a big-ish black bag that has a strap to hang over the shoulder. WHY IS IT SO HARD?!

Where can I get some reasonably priced wedges from? I need some for the wedding next month and I’d rather get them sooner than later! 

Thought I’d get on with some college work, and one of the things was to make a Flickr. Turns out I had one that I must’ve made randomly at some point last year, so that saves me setting everything up I guess. My question is.. do I watermark, or do I not? I feel like it ruins the picture, and I’m not being up my own arse here but I don’t want people to use my photos without permission either(as if anyone would but you know).. so yeah. If you have Flickr, do you use watermarks?

Actually fucking sick of wisdom teeth, three of them have already come through and I think are fully grown but there’s the one slow fucker that sat around for months doing nothing until a few weeks ago and I am literally dying with pain. Eating has become a bloody obstacle course, I just had a really nice pizza (for once it was actually enjoyable, most frozen cheese pizzas suck) and hurt myself twice to the point of crying. Can anyone recommend me something to numb the pain? Please don’t say ice cream because I already thought of that and realised I’m too broke to buy any. 

Can someone who knows about tumblr themes help me? I want to put links on my theme but there’s no option for it in the appearance setting, I tried fiddling with the html code with help from a tutorial but I must be doing something wrong because it’s not coming up properly.

HELP? :)

To anyone with eczema:

do you know a quick way to reduce redness? My face is 99% red right now because of my shitty eczema and no matter how much cream I put on it, it just burns and flakes up more.. help :(

Okay so my Mum brought up buying a new camera for me in conversation the other day, and as a photography student I don’t have the cash or the experience to need a massively expensive camera, I can’t go further than £500.

I was thinking maybe giving a second hand camera a go but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.. if you’ve bought a second hand camera did it work fine? Did you have any problems?

I don’t even know what model I want, all I know is I want a Canon as they look easier to use (that probably isn’t even true but fuck it)

I need help to find a suitable camera wah :( someone help me?