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My eczema has gone from almost nonexistent to a massive flare up all over the top of my body. I’m going on holiday in 3 days, hopefully the sun will help!!!!

Actually fucking sick of wisdom teeth, three of them have already come through and I think are fully grown but there’s the one slow fucker that sat around for months doing nothing until a few weeks ago and I am literally dying with pain. Eating has become a bloody¬†obstacle course, I just had a really nice pizza (for once it was actually enjoyable, most frozen cheese pizzas suck) and hurt myself twice to the point of crying. Can anyone recommend me something to numb the pain? Please don’t say ice cream because I already thought of that and realised I’m too broke to buy any.¬†

My face always kills like a bastard when I put cream on it.

Where is my letter from the dermatologist ffs

My eczema has been so painful today, it’s strained me to the point of me getting a headache.

These pills better be bloody worth it because I am not liking these side effects one bit.