Into my 2nd/3rd week of summer break from uni and I’m already bored and generally just angry. I am quickly learning that without a schedule/purpose I am nothing.

Literally just cried with laughter at my pathetic playing on Watchdogs. I was trying to deliver a showroom car to a location whilst avoiding police at the same time and managed to fuck myself over on most of the traps trying to outrun them. I held my own but at the end I spiked my own wheels (I keep activating them way too soon and believe me I piss my own self off when I do it) before the cops’ so I was literally just spinning out surrounded by cop cars listening to some hillbilly old song (what is the music on this game like seriously!?) which eventually made my car explode and killed me. Pitiful!

I will be uploading my final images from my Space and Place project on my Flickr soon. Excited to upload some new photos and complete a body of work.

My first year at uni is almost over, and what a challenge it has been! I have thoroughly enjoyed it :) looking forward to year 2!

So I’m sitting here and all of a sudden I start belting out a Tina Turner song that I don’t think I’ve even heard before. The only reason I know it was Tina Turner’s song is because I googled the lyrics.
What is my life?

Taking a mini break off my bookwork to check Facebook and I see three new photo albums uploaded by a friend of mine. She went on a trip somewhere, and bought something. All of the photos she uploaded are selfies of her alone and her with her new buys, despite her tagging the people she went with in the photos, arghhh please can people stop taking a million photos of the same thing from a slightly different angle? A couple is certainly enough!

Got uni work to be getting on with yet I have to clean up the kitchen because the only comfortable place to do my work is at the kitchen table. Life problems.

Sick and tired of selfish fucking people.

Always “me me me, oh poor me”. Heaven forbid you respond to what a selfish person says in a manner they aren’t happy with, because if you do you’re automatically branded the most heartless cunt going.

This is gonna sound disgusting but I’m kinda freaking out and need some skin advice.

I started getting this red patch of skin just a bit below my left eye a few weeks ago and today I squeezed it after having enough of seeing it there (as I knew it wasn’t eczema which I usually have) and it wasn’t like spots but it was like holes in my skin? A tiny bit of pus came out (kinda like a blackhead??? idk) but it’s just there. And now it’s swollen.

I’m not being ignorant here I’ve had acne, but this is new to me. I want it gone!!! Hopefully this zit zapper will make it disappear!


Life got a little bit better when I realised I could take my concealer pen apart and still have concealer left over to cover the nasty.

Being broke isn’t fun.

Procrastinating whilst doing uni work is always fun. Ugh I just can’t get focused and no matter how organised I feel I’m being I still manage to muddle everything up.

I keep asking myself whatever must’ve overcome me to decide to start uni, I cannot cope with it all. Argh!

Got bruises all over my knees. Typical 

I can hear someone’s kid on the street

It is beyond pissing me off. All I can hear is “whinge whinge whinge I want this” and the occasional squeal when the parent says no. All this at the top of the kids’ lungs.

What on earth am I going to do when I decide to have kids myself? I just could not be patient enough. Maybe my kids wouldn’t be as bratty. I hope…

Been doing bookwork for four hours and I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere.¬†Photoshop is boring when you’re doing things you already know. Uni just won’t stop stressing me out in general!

As I was going through my external hard drive I realised that I had lost a bunch of work I did at college, I can’t find it anywhere even though I was sure I backed it up at least 3 times. I’m devastated. My best body of work!

I suppose I will have to reshoot it and maybe it could be even better this time round. I try to look on the brighter side even though it’s so gutting that I don’t have anything to show for it! AGH.

So at uni my module at the moment is Space and Place, and we have been given a chosen location to shoot at for 6 weeks.

I tried going to my location yesterday, a forest. It’s actually a lot further walking distance than I originally thought it was but we tried walking to it anyway. We were in the right direction and got lost in some marshland trying to get to the forest, didn’t get there! Instead I got stung by stinging nettles and almost fell in a river. Never mind. I think I’ll get a taxi to the place from the train station next time I go. It’ll be dear but I’m not walking the two hours it says it takes to get there on foot. My back is already killing me from the hours I spent walking there yesterday!¬†