I can hear someone’s kid on the street

It is beyond pissing me off. All I can hear is “whinge whinge whinge I want this” and the occasional squeal when the parent says no. All this at the top of the kids’ lungs.

What on earth am I going to do when I decide to have kids myself? I just could not be patient enough. Maybe my kids wouldn’t be as bratty. I hope…

Been doing bookwork for four hours and I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere. Photoshop is boring when you’re doing things you already know. Uni just won’t stop stressing me out in general!

As I was going through my external hard drive I realised that I had lost a bunch of work I did at college, I can’t find it anywhere even though I was sure I backed it up at least 3 times. I’m devastated. My best body of work!

I suppose I will have to reshoot it and maybe it could be even better this time round. I try to look on the brighter side even though it’s so gutting that I don’t have anything to show for it! AGH.

So at uni my module at the moment is Space and Place, and we have been given a chosen location to shoot at for 6 weeks.

I tried going to my location yesterday, a forest. It’s actually a lot further walking distance than I originally thought it was but we tried walking to it anyway. We were in the right direction and got lost in some marshland trying to get to the forest, didn’t get there! Instead I got stung by stinging nettles and almost fell in a river. Never mind. I think I’ll get a taxi to the place from the train station next time I go. It’ll be dear but I’m not walking the two hours it says it takes to get there on foot. My back is already killing me from the hours I spent walking there yesterday! 

Getting increasingly pissed off by the day. My phone still doesn’t work and I still don’t have my grade from my last module. Everyone else has theirs! I’m so worried I’m going to fail. And so stressed. I don’t need another thing hanging off my back at this point. Why is uni so hard? :(

I feel so disconnected from everyone without a phone. Sounds sad. But it’s true.

Today has been a mixture of exhaustion and anger. And it continues. Why am I so fucking stupid?!

For someone who lives with her boyfriend, I barely get to spend time with him. So sick of everything and everyone getting in the way!


I’m in the worst mood ever.

After all the trouble I’ve had with my project at uni I got shat on by my tutor. Not literally, before anyone asks. 

I spent all day yesterday in the darkroom printing one photo, again and again and again, and after finally getting it right (or at least I thought it was right) he takes one look at it today and picks it apart. I didn’t even ask him for any technique opinion, I asked him if the two photos I had up went together. He didn’t answer that, instead he proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with my final print and the other I was working on.

He even went on to say “not to be unsympathetic, but you’ve had more time than anyone else to finish this” (because I got a week extension due to me having to move flat which was hard to do whilst commuting to uni) which topped it off for me. I ran off mid conversation with him and pathetically cried in the toilets. Did I deserve that today? I don’t think so.


My mood swings are ever imminent. Packing and moving is both tiring and full of hassle. I keep making mess by taking things from where they were and putting them in boxes so I’m in a vicious circle of

pack - clean mess - pack - clean mess - take out rubbish - pack some more

And at the end of all of this I have to haul all the boxes up to the top of my building where my new flat is. But I can’t complain, because I’m finally getting out of this shithole!

I’m moving out!

Finally after the horrible time we’ve had here, we are finally moving to a new flat. I cannot wait to see the last of this place, and my meth head violent neighbour.

The year is starting very well for us! So happy.

Loving the Asos sales lately. I’ve bought at least one or two things each time there’s been sales. Just got some paisley print jeans for £12! Can’t complain and I love me some paisley!

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So stressed out about uni it’s unreal. I have four weeks to shoot, develop and hand in my portrait and light project.

I’m working with two models and we all have busy schedules so it’s gonna be so hard to get all these shoots done. I have to shoot on medium and large format colour film and print colour prints in the darkroom, which I’m told is virtually impossible. Oh uni, kick me while I’m down why don’t you?