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So ready for this damn pizza to get here, it’s unreal!

Today has been very busy, packing. organising and cleaning before we head off on holiday tomorrow. My flat is nice and clean and tidy for our return which I’m happy I got sorted. Nothing worse than coming home to an untidy shithole when you’ve been travelling all day!

I’m so excited for tomorrow!!!!

Got a sty just before holiday, great. Tried getting some eye ointment for it this morning and they flat out didn’t let me buy anything and told me to use warm compresses on it. I get stys all the time and this rarely helps, just irritates my skin more but as I couldn’t buy any ointment I guess it’s my only hope. So I’m currently writing this one-eyed and I look like a bloody pirate. Fun.

My eczema has gone from almost nonexistent to a massive flare up all over the top of my body. I’m going on holiday in 3 days, hopefully the sun will help!!!!

Went for my tattoo appointment the other day and didn’t even think to take in photos or illustrations to explain how I wanted it done, pleb. Never mind, at least I can take in some soon so she has an idea :)

My ear keeps bleeding 😫 not like a river but for a week now every time I clean my ears with cotton buds I have blood in the left ear. Am I dying?!

Had a lovely date with the wife today, she got me THE cutest dress ever to wear whilst I’m away (9 days to go!!!) and I just love her 💃

I also got two lovely new pairs of jeans, needed to get some so bad! We got the same jeans too so we’ll have matching booties 💁

Trying to browse tumblr on 3G is painful. God I’m so bored at work today, there’s nothing to do!!

I keep nodding off at random times during the evening and now I feel wide awake, fucking brilliant. Work will be a treat tomorrow. I can just see it…

I’ve eaten so much today I am in a food coma! Work again tomorrow. And then Monday. Ergh

There seems to be a bunch of loud rowdy cunts right on my street and there are police here but they’re still shouting really vile shit and generally being fucking knobs. I do not need this when I have work tomorrow!

It’s hard when you miss someone who you didn’t know very well, I would give anything to have had more time with you to know you as a person. I love and miss you Dad.