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This is gonna sound disgusting but I’m kinda freaking out and need some skin advice.

I started getting this red patch of skin just a bit below my left eye a few weeks ago and today I squeezed it after having enough of seeing it there (as I knew it wasn’t eczema which I usually have) and it wasn’t like spots but it was like holes in my skin? A tiny bit of pus came out (kinda like a blackhead??? idk) but it’s just there. And now it’s swollen.

I’m not being ignorant here I’ve had acne, but this is new to me. I want it gone!!! Hopefully this zit zapper will make it disappear!

Taking my makeup off and putting cream on is the gift I give my face every day and I regularly moisturise during the day too.. so why does my skin get worse and worse omfg

My face always kills like a bastard when I put cream on it.

Where is my letter from the dermatologist ffs